Furniture Spray Painting in Dublin​

Max Construction Dublin offers spray painting services to designers, retailers, and homeowners. To achieve the greatest results, we seek to develop high quality paint finishes on MDF, wood, glass, and metal joinery utilising the latest technology and high quality paints and lacquers. We offer free collection and delivery throughout Dublin and the neighbouring areas for the convenience of our customers. We have over 15 years of experience and can supply you with high-quality spray finishes such as wood spray painting and polishing, glass and metal painting, clear and coloured lacquering, veneer and solid timber finishes. Send us the specifics of your planned MDF or furniture spraying project, and we will provide you with an estimated quotation and timeline for completion.

Furniture Spray Painting in Dublin
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Specialists in furniture refinishing

Specialists in furniture refinishing

Max Construction breathes fresh life into old furniture. We provide high-quality, long-lasting spray painting and refinishing for residential and commercial furniture, and can paint a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, MDF, glass, metal, and more, with over thirty years of experience in the paint spraying and refinishing sector.

Professional spray painting is an excellent and economical solution to restore worn or dated furniture, as well as to achieve the colour you want on new furniture. From striking corporate offices to your family home, our method produces an appealing, easy-to-clean covering for all interior design tasks. We’ve also developed specialized spraying processes for raw materials like MDF that deliver outstanding outcomes for bespoke joinery projects.

We deal with a variety of clients from the commercial, trade, and consumer sectors, including well-known brands, advertising and marketing agencies, joiners and carpenters, interior designers, and others.

To produce great outcomes, we use the best quality materials and equipment. We can paint your furniture in virtually any colour, including metallics, pearlescents, clear lacquers, and solid colors, as well as almost any finish, including full gloss, satin, full matt, and anything in between. The options are practically endless: your furniture, your manner.

Project Concepts

With a clean, high-gloss paint finish, you can give your tired kitchen cabinets a new lease on life. During the preparation process, we can also repair damage and fix handle holes or recesses, allowing for a full, streamlined makeover.

Flat-pack furniture can be repainted in any colour and given a new lease on life by adding extra embellishments or smoothing seams, transforming Max Construction IKEA-style furniture into something far more remarkable.

Optional Colors

The options are limitless. We can provide practically any colour you can imagine, including solid colors, metallics, transparent lacquers, and much more, with the possibility to apply the paint in gloss, matt, or satin finishes.

Any industry standard colour range, such as the RAL and BS colour charts, can also be matched.


I wouldn’t do it based on my personal experience. I’ve tried this previously and it’s never worked out. I’ve heard that sanding the finish, priming it, and then going over it with latex-based paint works for some people, but I’ve never had much luck with it. If you truly want to give it a shot, I recommend starting small and seeing how it goes.

If they’re stained or painted a dark hue, a polyurethane is the way to go. If they aren’t stained, a polycrylic is the way to go. Polyurethanes will yellow over time, however polycrylics will not. Polyurethanes, on the other hand, are more durable than polycrylics in terms of protection.

Yes. You’ll almost always require a topcoat with flat, satin, or eggshell finishes unless you chose a semi-gloss paint. To protect the sculpture from having too much shine, apply a polycrylic with a satin finish.

Those small lumps are most likely dust and dirt particles. Always clean off your object thoroughly with a tack cloth before applying paint. Paint your furniture at a location where there won’t be a lot of dust. If you have a shopvac, vacuuming the piece after sanding, then going over it with a tack cloth, and finally painting it is a great idea.