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Dublin Construction Company We are one of the most experienced and high-quality construction firms in central Dublin. We provide a 360-degree, hassle-free, totally transparent service, going to deliver your high-end project at a competitive rate.

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The Best Construction Services in Dublin

We provide real-world value to your project. With over 15 years of expertise in providing high-quality construction services in Dublin, we can guarantee that your vision will be realised, engineered to perfection, and delivered on-time, on-budget, and defect-free. You can count on:

  • At the onset, an accurate, fixed-price quote and full cost breakdown — no spiralling costs and no surprises!
  • Structural competence throughout the construction process
  • High-quality design, construction, and finishing by qualified designers, construction specialists, and specialist craftsmen
  • Full openness and communication from a professional project manager throughout the process.


From the early talks on overall design concepts to the completion of the build, Max Construction provides our clients with the possibility to carry out both the design and build elements of a project with a single firm.

With such a comprehensive strategy, we have complete control over the entire process, allowing us to execute each project on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

We feel that this relieves the client of the time and stress associated with locating and hiring architectural designers, structural engineers, and builders. We will also gladly oversee the entire planning permit process and ensure that all work is completed to the satisfaction of the applicable local authority’s Building Control staff. We believe that having to deal with only one organisation throughout the process is a significant benefit for the client.

Construction Management is a highly adaptable procurement method that puts you, the client, in complete control of your project. Construction Management, as an alternative to the most generally utilised means of delivering construction projects – Traditional Contract or Design & Build Contract – enables complicated and demanding projects to begin significantly more quickly than typically tendered projects.

You will benefit from our vast knowledge, experience, and expertise obtained from both contracting and consulting when you use Construction Management to expertly integrate with your professional team and take the lead in purchasing and managing trade contractors. Construction Management increases the productivity and quality of your project by fostering a non-adversarial environment.

Max Construction Dublin has all of the abilities and ability needed to handle every facet of first-rate home renovations in Dublin. Max Construction Dublin has completed numerous renovations and home improvement projects in Dublin. Our focus and determination are entirely focused on you, resulting in a completely customised and personalised service. We think that real design is about understanding our clients’ objectives, needs, and patterns of habitation.

We specialise in full-house renovations at Max Construction Dublin Renovation. This is where our all-in-house team of architects, designers, and trades has all the skills and expertise needed to supply every facet of a first-rate home makeover in Dublin. Max Construction Dublin has completed numerous renovations and home improvement projects in Dublin. Our focus and determination are entirely focused on you, resulting in a completely customised and personalised service. We think that real design is about understanding our clients’ objectives, needs, and patterns of habitation.

A basement is an excellent way to increase the size of your home. When it is not possible to extend upstairs or outside, a basement conversion is ideal for adding living space. Converting a basement may create that extra area that can significantly impact your family life, especially in Dublin, where space is an enormously valued asset.

Because of advances in technology and materials, a basement is no longer a dark, low-ceilinged environment. Basement waterproofing and damp proofing are never a problem when you hire the correct expertise.
A basement, if appropriately designed and built, can be used for almost any purpose in your home, including an open plan kitchen.

Max Construction Dublin enjoys developing basements in Dublin because we constantly manage to surprise our clients with results that exceed their expectations. Because of our unique method, customers may live a peaceful and stress-free life while the construction is underway. We always have a structural engineer on site to assure the highest level of safety and security, including the temporary structural support required while building a basement.

Max Construction Dublin has completed several design and build Dublin loft conversions, transforming them into stunning places. Some Dubliners need more space for a growing family but cannot afford to move. Others are looking for that one room in the house that they can genuinely call their own. Max Construction Dublin has everything you’re searching for in a Dublin loft conversion.

Our goal is to take as much of the work and tension out of a loft conversion in Dublin as possible. We can handle the entire design and construction process, including all architectural drawings, planning approval, structural calculations, and construction, as well as providing you with a professional Project Manager.

We specialise in making every loft or attic conversion as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Are you thinking about selling your home and moving? If you are thinking about adding a loft conversion to your Dublin home, you should know that it can increase the value by up to 25%. That implies you’ll most likely profit from your loft conversion in the long run. Loft conversions are among the most popular home improvements in Dublin. They are less expensive than moving, but they allow you to improve your living space.

Home extensions and kitchen extensions are both reasonably priced and incredibly versatile. With Dublin house prices continuing to rise in the current economic situation, many families are simply priced out of the market for a new home. Fortunately, a home extension in Dublin, whether it is a kitchen, wrap-around extension, flat roof extension, rear extension, or side return extension, can provide you with the extra space you require at your current residence. House extensions can help you build your home without breaking the bank, so contact our Dublin home extension builders immediately.

Of course, while home or kitchen extensions are less expensive than home acquisitions, they nevertheless necessitate a significant amount of labour and time from the initial site inspection to the décor of the finished space. That is why Max Construction Dublin takes pride in offering the most straightforward, clear, and complete home remodelling and domestic extension building service in Dublin.

Max Construction Dublin offers comprehensive building and refurbishment services in Dublin for offices, stores, restaurants, estate agencies, schools, local authorities, and other commercial properties. With many years of experience in the property development sector, we have the abilities and resources to handle all areas of commercial construction, refurbishment, and maintenance.

Max Construction Dublin provides a broad range of commercial building services to our commercial customers, all of which are performed by our team of tradesmen that are accredited and highly qualified for all forms of building work. Our wide selection of building services and professional craftsmen enable us to provide a proficient service to commercial clients in the Dublin area, meeting the high standards our customers require.

Professional residential painting and decorating by professional tradesmen results in an unmistakable quality finish. It also lasts longer, and Estate Agents believe it is one of the best methods to increase the value of your home.

Our tradespeople have been in the business for a donkey’s years and know their way around a paintbrush. They’re also completely dependable and trustworthy, and they don’t mind being asked to feed the cat while you’re away.

Interior decorating does not begin with paint or wallpaper. One key to a professional finish is proper preparation. If there is any existing wallpaper, it must be entirely removed to get the greatest possible finish. Doing this correctly and in a reasonable length of time necessitates the use of the proper equipment and tools. These will be available to a professional painter and decorator. A wallpaper steamer and good quality scrapers can help to speed up the procedure and provide a cleaner finish before applying the new wallpaper. First, any holes in the wall will be filled and rubbed down. When it comes to wallpaper installation, there is no replacement for a skilled professional. They will make certain that any pattern is exactly matched and that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in the paper. A professional will also be able to add the finishing touches, such as precisely cutting around light switches and plugs, as well as ensuring the top and lower borders fit neatly against the ceiling and skirting boards.

Max Construction Dublin Plastering are well regarded plasterers South Dublin and plasterers Dublin, offering a wide range of plastering, dry lining, and rendering services for both household and commercial projects. Our workforce is completely certified, trained, and holds the most prestigious certifications, including CHAS and SMAS Worksafe Contractor. We are also approved contractors by British Gypsum.

Our team has over 20 years of expertise and is constantly striving to provide exceptional finishes and exceed customer expectations. We take great pleasure in our work and provide customers with a full workmanship guarantee as well as up to 30 year warranties to demonstrate our commitment to being one of the finest plastering businesses in Dublin. Our fantastic consumer feedback attests to this.

What is the cost of plastering? What kind of rendering do I require? Where can I discover reputable plasterers in my area? What is the best sort of dry lining for my project? Will you be able to provide me with a free quote?

Max Construction Dublin offers spray painting services to designers, retailers, and homeowners. To achieve the greatest results, we seek to develop high quality paint finishes on MDF, wood, glass, and metal joinery utilising the latest technology and high quality paints and lacquers.

We offer free collection and delivery throughout Dublin and the neighbouring areas for the convenience of our customers.
We have over 15 years of experience and can supply you with high-quality spray finishes such as wood spray painting and polishing, glass and metal painting, clear and coloured lacquering, veneer and solid timber finishes.

Send us the specifics of your planned MDF or furniture spraying project, and we will provide you with an estimated quotation and timeline for completion.

3D wall panels are textured wall decorations that might take the form of panels, tiles, cladding, or brick slips. They are a great alternative to wallpaper and will increase the value of your home. Our panels are suitable for any interior style and provide a light and shadow effect. They are also paintable, allowing you to match the colour to other aspects of the property. 3D wall panels can be used as feature walls in homes, welcome walls in lobby areas and restaurants, and accent walls in a variety of interiors.

These distinctive and fashionable characteristics are adjustable to look at home in a number of structural configurations, regardless of the industry in which they are used. The high-end items developed are versatile enough to appear wonderfully fashionable in businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail, and offices, and they have grown increasingly popular in residential properties and building facades.

We offer complete interior painting services ranging from a few touch-ups here and there to a complete re-painting of one room or an entire home. We use cutting-edge techniques, equipment, and products to bring out the best in any interior, so whatever your needs are, we can help.

We can help if the exterior of your home or commercial property is looking a little worn. Following your free, no-obligation survey, our professional painters will paint your exterior in the colour of your choice, taking care to maintain the appearance consistent with the rest of the property.

For more than 18 years, we have been successfully painting houses, workplaces, schools, and retail properties. Our expertise working for a wide range of clients enables us to meet any request, no matter how difficult or unique.

We take pride in our work, and the results speak for themselves. Please visit our Gallery page to see some samples of our recent work.

Our skilled staff has at least 5 years of experience decorating and hanging wallpaper for residential and commercial projects. Max Construction Dublin Painters uses high-quality tools and materials to ensure a flawless installation and finish to your wall, resulting in the desired wallpaper.

We don’t simply listen to hear when we chat to you; we listen to comprehend. We also understand that not everyone is an expert in the field of decorating; after all, that is why we are here! We collaborate with you to find the finest potential solution that meets the needs of your project. We have a thorough understanding of the market and are competent in advising you on a wide range of topics, from colour and material specifications to the durability and pricing of various materials.

Max Development Dublin Painters and Decorators are painting contractors in Dublin that are highly competent and experienced. For our commercial clients, we know how to accomplish work to the highest standards, and we have all of the necessary equipment and training for internal and external services. So it won’t be a problem if you need us to fix some rendering or paint your fascia boards, or if you have an office building that requires a complete makeover. Put our commercial painting and decorating expertise to the test by requesting a quotation. Because we are based in Dublin, we can organise an appointment promptly and easily.

We may also repair and repaint the exterior of a building. We have all of the necessary equipment and conduct comprehensive risk assessments on each task when working at height, so if you want us to paint upper floor windows or work on your roof, we can do it.

We will use whatever paint colours and finishes that you choose, and if you need assistance, just let us know. Commercial buildings must be functional, but they must also make an impression on your clients and visitors. We have the ability to ensure that this occurs.

Max Construction Dublin can provide you with expert tiling services in Dublin. We can send skilled tile installers to your home who will remove the old tiles and replace them with minimal fuss. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or any other room’s floor. We provide one of the quickest and most dependable methods for dealing with this type of home repair. The specialists will ensure that you are satisfied with the work they have completed.

This is a service that handles everything. In other words, the professional tilers will bring everything required for the job to be completed successfully. From tile cutters, grout finishing instruments, and adhesive spreaders to the actual grout and adhesives. In addition, the expert can collect and transport your preferred tiles before to the service. Remember that the costs of the tiles and materials will be included to your final quote.

It’s critical to double-check that you’re hiring the right specialist for the job before calling one or the other. Not just to make that the work is completed to the greatest standards, but also to ensure the safety of your property.

Finally, a heating engineer is responsible for your home’s heating system (boiler, thermostat, and hot water cylinder), whereas a plumber is responsible for water appliances (taps, toilets, sinks). When looking for a tradesperson to inspect your heating system, make sure they are both a heating engineer and a Gas Safe registered tradesperson.

Some of the misunderstanding about whether to hire a heating engineer or a plumber stems from the fact that a plumber can also be registered with Gas Safe. While a plumber may be Gas Safe registered, you should double-check that they can work on gas boilers. For example, they might only be allowed to work on gas stoves.

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“...when you have a project, you need a construction business that is dedicated to conducting healthcare construction, whether medical or dentistry, someone who knows and understands medical technology, the flow of patients and space, and how to work around those dynamics – Greiner fits us."
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“Excellent Customer Service! On a Saturday evening, we had our first meeting. (Yes, it was Saturday) On Monday, we had a meeting to choose colors, and the task was completed on Tuesday. I can't express how grateful I am to having discovered 5 Star Painting! I'll use them again, and I'll suggest them to everyone.”
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Simply put... Mann Tiles can be trusted to complete the work.... we've used them for a number of tiling projects in our home and they've never let us down..... the only problem I have is that Jane doesn't always have Tootsie Rolls in the store? It's a lot easier to work with people you can trust to deliver, and Rob and his staff always do.
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