Design & Build in Dublin​

From the early talks on overall design concepts to the completion of the build, Max Construction provides our clients with the possibility to carry out both the design and build elements of a project with a single firm. With such a comprehensive strategy, we have complete control over the entire process, allowing us to execute each project on time and within the agreed-upon budget. We feel that this relieves the client of the time and stress associated with locating and hiring architectural designers, structural engineers, and builders. We will also gladly oversee the entire planning permit process and ensure that all work is completed to the satisfaction of the applicable local authority’s Building Control staff. We believe that having to deal with only one organisation throughout the process is a significant benefit for the client.

Design & Build in Dublin
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The Leading Design & Build Company in dublin​

The Leading Design & Build Company in dublin

Design & Build is a new concept available to owners of all types of properties in Dublin. Max Construction’s Design & Build service covers the planning and design stages of a project, as well as all aspects of getting planning permission and adhering to Building Regulations, as well as the management of any major structural and construction concerns.

We have a large team of architects, party wall specialists, structural engineers, surveyors, project managers, and, of course, superb builders on team. All are dedicated to bringing your idea to life at a cost you can afford.

Design & Architecture

From the early talks on general design concepts through the completion of the build, Max Construction provides our clients with the chance to complete both the design and construction elements of a project with a single firm.

With such a comprehensive strategy, we are able to maintain complete control over the whole process, allowing us to execute each project on time and on budget.

We feel that this relieves the client of all the time and stress associated with locating and hiring builders, structural engineers, and contractors. We will also be happy to manage the entire planning application procedure and ensure that all work is completed to the satisfaction of the applicable local authority’s Building Control team. We believe that having to deal with only one organization throughout the process is a significant benefit to the client.

The build

Max Construction offers a team of specialists who can handle every part of the construction process while utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our team consists of architectural designers, structural engineers, design consultants, and builders, all of which have over ten years of experience designing and building beautiful homes in Dublin.

Our construction team has extensive experience with residential rear house additions, loft conversions, and basements.

These renovations are most typically carried out on Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian homes, resulting in brighter, wider open plan living areas and, as a result, an increase in property value.

Drawing up thorough drawings, including particular specifications, materials, and finishes; managing the full process of gaining planning permission for your project; and preparing a detailed project budget and work schedule are all management of our comprehensive service.


We believe that visiting you at your home is a critical first step in understanding your needs, budget, and how you envision the changes to your home. We will answer any questions you may have during this meeting, which will be free of cost and obligation to you.

We at Max Construction understand the importance of knowing the best course of action for attaining our client’s goals at this early stage. As a result, we are willing to devote as much time as you need to this procedure in order to ensure that all issues and alternatives are examined. We are dedicated to collaborating with you to create a beautiful home that will serve as an outstanding investment as well as a home that you can be proud of for many years to come.


We will conduct a Feasibility Study to allow us to discuss with you the options for increasing the property of space in your home, as well as to analyze how the suggested improvements will complement what you already have. The drawing of architectural images to show how the finished work would look will be included in this study. There will also be a cost estimate for the project, which will be broken down to illustrate the cost of individual products and materials. We’ll show you various designs using our AutoCad Design Suite, which will contain both 2-D and 3-D models of your remodeled home.

We’ll make sure you get the most out of your living space while staying within your budget, and we’ll create a precise work plan that details how long each project element will take to finish. From the beginning discussion of design concepts through the final build-off of the work, this plan will illustrate how we will manage the project.


Our architectural designer will begin drafting very thorough floorplans once you have approved the early design concepts that we exhibit to you. These designs can help you choose the best materials for various elements of your remodeling, as well as finalize your selection of kitchen cabinets and appliances, wardrobes, lighting options, and so on.

AutoCad CGI Visual Design graphics will be utilized once more to illustrate various design options. Naturally, we’ll go over all of the options with you to ensure that the final design fits all of your needs while staying within your budget.

Prior to the build of the project, Max Construction will be responsible for securing all essential planning permits as well as strict adherence to Building Regulations.


Max Construction can offer you with a precise written Project Plan that details every task that must be completed prior to, during, and after your construction. In addition, our team of specialists will keep you updated on the project’s progress on a regular basis. We take the subject of client communication extremely seriously.

You can rest assured that our skilled and experienced team of builders will complete the project, which will be overseen by a professional on-site Project Manager. Everything is focused on ensuring that the work proceeds smoothly and that your vision of your future home becomes a reality throughout the project.

Your project will not be completed until you are completely satisfied with our work. After that, we’ll go over a Quality Assurance checklist with you before presenting you with the appropriate warranties and other important documentation.

In the Wandsworth and Fulham districts, Max Construction has amassed a huge portfolio of successful projects and delighted customers. Please visit our “Portfolio” section to see both completed and ongoing projects.

We can help you create a bright and elegant home in which you and your family can work, play, and rest, regardless of your budget.

You will be able to make modifications to the details of the Project Plan even after the build has begun, whether it is to modify the type of flooring you want or the finish on your windows or in your kitchen.

Throughout the project, a Building Inspector will make regular visits to ensure that we are following all current Building Regulations. The Building Inspector will issue a Completion Certificate once all building work has been completed.

Max Construction provides a comprehensive solution that includes all third-party expert services such as structural engineering and party wall surveying. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the construction and renovation materials, as well as strong working ties with contractors and product and material suppliers. This database of contacts can be used to aid clients in selecting appliances, fixtures, and finishes.

House Extensions, Loft Conversions, Renovations, Basement Conversions, New Builds, and Bespoke Joinery are all available as a bespoke service from Max Construction. From start to finish, we manage and implement the entire process.

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Design-build is a project delivery method in which a general contractor provides custom design and construction services under a single contract with the project owner. The commercial construction business serves as the project owner’s only point of contact, coordinating all of the project’s critical elements on his or her behalf. This, in turn, aids in the reduction of the commercial client’s administrative burden.

The primary difference between design-build and design-bid-build project delivery methods is that the former combines both design and construction services into a single contract. The latter, on the other hand, contains distinct agreements with the developer.

Faster project delivery, reduced administrative burden, improved quality, reduced risk, open-book/transparent communication, shared cost savings, single-point of responsibility, guaranteed maximum price, project not restricted to building types, elimination of adversarial conditions, and increased teamwisdom are just a few of the advantages of using the design-build method of project management.

The design-build method has a number of advantages that are not available with other construction methods. The key difference between these methods is the level of risk and accountability for fulfilling a project’s goals. The design-build service provider’s increased risk and accountability can have a major impact on the overall timeline, cost, quality, and preconstruction efficiency.